Koppeltaal support proces


Koppeltaal support process 

Support system

With the use of the support system of Koppeltaal the Support team can respond to the tickets and the

system gives you a good overview of all open and closed tickets. In case you don’t have an account you

request access via: https://www.koppeltaal.nl/koppeltaal/user-registration.

In case of escalations or critical issues that may arise you may also call support in addition to creating a

ticket. Otherwise feel free to send an e-mail so the ticket will be created automatically.


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+31(0)85 10 45 483


Monday till Friday 08.00 - 17.00

Assigning priority to your question, wish or issue.

Support greatly appreciates it if you indicate the priority of your question, wish or issue in the ticket

message itself. In the list below you can find the priorities you can assign on your ticket.

● Low (I have spotted something that seems incorrect, but it does not impact my work.)

● Medium (The application does not work for certain functions, but I can continue working.)

● High (A critical function in the application does not work and therefore I am not able to continue

working, or there is a development issue for which I have a temporary workaround)

● Critical (The application is unavailable for (most of) the organization, or there is a development

issue that blocks work for the entire team.)

Expected first response time of the support team

● Low - 3 work days

● Medium - 1 work day

● High - 4 hours

● Critical - As soon as possible

Estimated follow up time of the support team according to status *

  Low Medium  High Critical
Open 3 work days work day 4 hours Asap
In progress work days 2  work days 1  work day Asap
Additional Info Required  5  work days 3  work days 1  work day Asap
On Hold

When there is an update available

When there is an update available When there is an update available When there is an update available


Proposed **

work days work days work days work days

* Support will monitor progress updates. If the handler of the ticket does not provide a status update at the appointed times

support will contact the handler. If there is no reply after two contact attempts support will escalate or close the ticket

according to the ticket status and/or situation.

** A ticket with status ‘Solution Proposed’ must be accepted by the reporter of the ticket. If the reporter does not respond

within the given time support will assume that the ticket was accepted.


Koppeltaal supports another communications channel for the community by the use of Slack. You can

join our Slack team by navigating to https://koppeltaal-dev.slack.com/ and registering an account.

Slack allows the community to ask general questions that the others of the community may also be able

to answer. As such, it is an ideal channel for general questions and support appreciates it if you make

the community your first point of contact. In case of any critical issues that require immediate attention

you may also send a direct message to one of our support team members.