Hoe start u met Koppeltaal als IT leverancier?

Omdat veel van onze IT deelnemers met internationale teams werken kiezen we er voor technische documentatie veelal in het Engels op te stellen. Vandaar dat we hier nu 'switchen'.

Follow the steps below to get started with Koppeltaal

Follow the specific list of items as provided in the process sheet:




1. Register on Koppeltaal.nl



We will send you a confirmation mail with information to be expected.

2. Introduction to Koppeltaal

a) Login at:


b) Access the Resource Menu 

Resources Menu

Available resources:

- 'Achtergrondinformatie'. Read this to understand the context of Koppeltaal.

- 'Deelnemersvoorwaarden'. Read this to decide if you can accept the terms and conditions for joining Koppeltaal.

- Wiki documentation to be accessed on https://koppeltaal.github.io/

- Connectors Code on GIT - for developers

- Support and Helpdesk - for all Koppeltaal Components

- Releases documentation set 


3. Access Important documentation links


1. Functional documentation: contains most of the conceptual documentation including the application landscape.

Functional Concepts

1. Technical Design documentation: contains most of the developer documentation. Actual release documentation

is only available on WIKI 


2. Current release documentation set


3. Git releases set [must register to Koppelltaal GIT]

- Koppeltaal Connectors 


4. Identify Functional Coverage 


1.  Main functional coverage is shown here: https://koppeltaal.github.io/documentation/koppeltaal-1.2/functional-scope/

2. Testing tools available as examples:

 - Regression testing main Server (available on GIT as SOAPUI project or Test Portal/Game tools)

 - Load and Performance test (JMeter test project available on GIT)

5. Register to environments 

Register Domains and Applications Register Account

Register Application Form Application registration

The registration process https://koppeltaal.github.io/documentation/templates/Aanvraagformulier Domeinen .xlsx must be performed for each environment (https://koppeltaal.github.io/documentation/koppelaal-1.2/Environments/)